Apr - 18 - 2011

Another great week at the Brown household and believe it or not I’m still experiencing firsts after 48 days of being car free.  This week I biked to my first work sponsored luncheon, rode my bike in the pouring rain, and had a much needed date night with my wife.

I must say I work for an amazing company, Claris Networks. We typically have a quarterly meeting to catch up and discuss how things are going.  It was time for our first quarter meeting and this meeting also included a company sponsered lunchean at Bone Fish grill.  The restaurant is aproximately 9 miles from our office and my plan was to ride my bike to lunch.  When I arrived at the office on Friday morning I discussed my plans, of riding my bike to lunch, with the CEO Larry Bodie.  I was excited but not surprised to hear his response.  “Leave when ever you need to, I want to support you.”   We then discussed proposed routes and after being thourouhly confused, I went to my desk and used google maps to verify my directions.

The morning passed rather quickly and before I knew it the time to leave was upon me.  So out the door I went on my way to meet everyone for lunch.  After serveral wrong turns and backtracking, I finally arrived at the restaurant.  When I arrived I did not want to walk through the restaurant in my spandex outfit.  I mean people were going to be eating and I didn’t want to spoil anyones appetite.  So I began looking for a phone booth to change in ala superman style.  After several minutes of searching and no luck finding a phone booth, I settled for the next best thing, and went behind the building to change clothes.  I tried to remain inconspicous while changing and I am sure if anyone saw me they probably would have thought that I was a homeless man and ignored me.  I changed rather quickly and headed toward the front of the building to meet up with the rest of the crew and have lunch.  The plan was to take it easy on the ride back from lunch, but with storms looming, I pushed a little harder than I normally would.  Luckily I was able to keep lunch down and made it back moments before the rain came.

The rain continued on through the rest of the day very hard at times.  When the time came to leave for the day, I took one look outside, changed clothes, and made my way out the door.  I have ran in the rain multiple times and I don’t have a problem with the weather, as long as it is safe and there is no lightning or thunder involved.  Let me just say right now that running and riding in the rain are two totally different experiences.  First off you are travelling much faster on a bike and rain STINGS when it hits your face.  This made it difficult to see and I was also concerned with people being able to see me as easily as they would be on a clear day.  Luckily the ride home is a short one and I am usually home in less than fifteen minutes.  When I arrive home I was soaked to the bone, so I  stipped down to dry off and put on some warm dry clothes.  I am sure I will have many more rides in the rain before my journey is over but if given a choice I would prefer to run in the rain any day.

I ended the week with a date night with my beautiful and understanding wife Amy.  We have not spent much time together lately because of our different work schedules.  So it was very nice to have the entire evening  together just me and her.  We decided that we would go to dinner and then a movie.  We have a love for scary movies and decided that we would see Insidious.  She was working until six, so I had some time to kill before she got off work.  So I decieded that I would ride the greenways to Barnes and Noble bookstore, that was just minutes away from our restaurant choice.  After purchasing a copy of the newest TrailRunner magazine, off I went to meet my beloved.  We had a wonderful dinner at our favorite restaurant Pelanchos’ and then we shared a kiss and decided to meet up at the movie theater.  She in her car and me on my bike.  I again used the greenways to get to the theater and beat her there by at least ten minutes.  After watching the movie, I was a little creeped out and when it was time to leave I took one look at the dark, ominous looking greenways and then looked at my wife and said, “I don’t think I am going to ride the greenways home.”  We laughed and then made our way home once again her in the car and me on my bike.  I am very blessed to have such a wonderful wife who puts up with all my crazy ideas and supports me when I start on a new adventure.  After twenty years of being together I must say I love her more now than I ever have.

Once again my mileage for the week ended over the one hundred mark.  The high mileage was partly because a new photography class has started and I ended the week with a twenty mile bike and five mile fun run.  Until next time, get out there and get active.

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  1. Dale says:

    Good stuff , enjoyed reading this .

    • admin says:

      Thanks Dale, glad you enjoyed it.

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